How was the English Day? 

Por. Paula Andrea Huertas, líder de comunicaciones de Vicerrectoría Académica

The last march 31st, the UNINPAHU celebrated the English Day. The main objective of this event was to congregate the students from different academic programs, including our Language Center students, which are solely focused on learning the language. It was important to give a spotlight to the student’s abilities in events like: Spelling Bee, Kahoot Tournament, and Karaoke.  

The Spelling Bee contest, a well-known activity with great recognition in English-speaking countries, was presented beyond the classrooms; it became a public and exciting activity for the community. The Spelling Bee has taken a big importance in schools that seek to strengthen the spelling and pronunciation skills in their students’ second language learning. 

The winners of the activities were rewarded with a price that represented their hard work and commitment with the English language acquisition. For Andrea Ibáñez, director of the Language Center, this kind of events motivate to keep teaching with love and responsibility.  

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