Let’s celebrate Uninpahu’s English Day

Por. Paula Andrea Huertas, Líder de comunicaciones de Vicerrectoría Académica

Uninpahu proudly announce the coming celebration of our English Day. This important event takes place once per semester and it is prevalent among the whole academic community. Next Friday, March 31st, and Saturday, April 1st, students will share their linguistic and artistic skills. Not just the students from different careers will be part of this event, but also the students from our Language Center, including English Kids.

Through academic activities, our students will show their deep desire to learn,  become aware of the importance of English as a second language, and how learning English contributes to their lives.

Students may use all their artistic abilities in each activity such as the Spelling Bee contest, Kahoot Tournament, and Karaoke. We invite you to check the general English Day program right here.

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